We train players of all ages in the intricacies of hockey skills required for today’s fast and agile game of hockey. We offer psychological and mental training as well as focusing on individual skill sets. Individual skill sets include skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting, as well as team development and tactics.


Small Group

hockey development

Development Services

- Small Group Training
- Small groups of 4-8 players at a time
- Develop hockey skill sets of skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting
- Train players of all ages in the intricacies of hockey skills required for today’s fast and agile game of hockey

Brian was known as one of the most highly-skilled players to ever come out of GTA and he will develop those skills that he learned and that got him to the NHL

*The cost will be based on number of players and time/season of ice time.


team coaching

& training

Brian will coach and train your team from beginning of the season to the end developing individual skills such as skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting.


In addition, training includes team development and tactics to formulate the best out of each individual player and the team as a collective group.

Younger age groups need more skill development with some team tactics, older age groups should focus on team tactics and team development, while still focusing on individual skill sets.

Dryland Fitness Training

Brian's son, Matt, is a Certified Personal Trainer and provides dryland and fitness training from several years of studying many training techniques for the competitive athlete.

*The cost is based on age and level of your team, and extent of the coaching/training required.



Brian will run your tryouts so you can sit and watch for the best available talent and pick the team that you want without having to worry about on-ice drills.


Brian has almost 20 years of experience running tryouts at all ages and levels to best maximize your outcome to select your team.


Brian can offer his ideas for the age group and level and work with the teams’ coach on specific drills that he/she wants to see to help select his/her ideal team.


Positive mindset training

Psychological and Mental Training

Brian, along with his son, Matthew have developed the ideal mental and psychological training for your son or daughter to compete at his/her highest level.

Hockey is as much a mental game, as it is physical. To best maximize your son/daughters’ maximum potential, a combination of on-ice skills, physical training and mental training that is best-suited to each individual player.

Matt is a 22 year old Certified Personal Trainer

who graduated  from Wilfrid Laurier University 

with a BA in Comprehensive Psychology. He has

a background of playing AAA hockey and has written two extensive fitness courses available on Amazon. He also built a personal brand on social media and is in the process of publishing his very first book called, "Your Life's a Movie and guess what? You're The Star." His greatest passion is helping other people succeed in all areas of their life, both mentally and physically.

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